PIC ME ART is a home for artists to, both showcase their art, and to share their love of art with others. The birth of Pic Me Art in April 2015, was the brainstorming idea of a few artists getting together, and creating a place that would allow all artists to be part of a social family of creativity.

The website was created initially, with the intention of giving a wide range of artistically inclined folk to air their wares. The world, and in particular, South Africa has so much talent across a huge spectrum of individuals – all races, all ages, all abilities who don’t have an outlet to show their talents. Now they DO! And we are looking out for them.


PIC ME ART is an open forum to view that talent by using the www.picmeart.co.za in conjunction with social media and gentle marketing, to get the word out. Everybody is welcome to be part of this dream –
Our wish is to make PIC ME ART a website where you can partake, view share or purchase and comment on every form of the magic of fine art.

In conjunction with the website, PIC ME ART is establishing itself on Facebook and Twitter. It is well supported and growing. It has become a forum where anybody can get on board to potentially be invited or accepted onto the website where they can have their very own page – a page that will be among other talented artists and supported with humour, information and many creative ideas.

Their art will be showcased in an online gallery and will feature in an on line shop as well and will be managed and promoted by the PIC ME ART Team and administrators.

We ask you to post your work on PMA Group Art on Facebook for all to see. Our Proffessor Know it Hall Has a keen eye for art and is looking out for new recruits tobecome part of an ever growing group of artists